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Cachae from Texas



from Texas

Cachae is a very outgoing girl who loves to sing, shop, and keep up with the latest hair styles. She loves listening to music, going to church, and dancing. Cachae loves to attend church every Sunday. She does not meet a stranger, she is very talkative and energetic. Cachae is helpful when needed and loves to assist in whatever way possible. She loves to laugh, likes to participate in family activities, and loves to be the center of attention. Cachae is doing well in school and is able to take it at her own pace. Her favorite subjects in school are science and history. She accepts responsibility for her actions readily. Her wish is to have a loving home with her younger sibling.

Shedrick and Cachae share a very close relationship with each other. Cachae takes on a motherly role towards Shedrick and even wants to provide discipline. She is learning to accept their caregivers providing the parenting so she can just enjoy being a child. Shedrick is very giving and will do everything he can for his sister and those he loves. The siblings have fun laughing and talking with one another and Shedrick responds well to Cachae. Cachae and Shedrick like to participate in any activity where they are together and they can spend time with one another. They both enjoy going out to eat, swimming, and attending amusement parks.

Cachae has many good qualities and needs a sincere family to help develop them further. She needs a family who will be committed, predictable, and loves unconditionally. Her family will inspire, teach and show her new things in life. Cachae also needs a family with positive and supportive role models for her. Her forever family will have patience, realistic expectations, enjoy activities outside, and enjoy trying new and different things.

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