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Charlette from Texas



from Texas

Charlette is a smart, sweet and friendly young girl who loves school and does well in her classes. She likes to draw and read animal books. She can often be found reading fantasy books for teenage readers. She likes sports and hopes to play basketball for her school team. She also kikes to hang out with her friends and listen to music. At times, she can struggle with following directions and rules and needs guidance in this area. She has a great imagination and expresses her creativity through drawing and writing stories. She has hopes of being a writer or a fashion designer when she grows up. She loves to go to the movies, water parks, and arcades. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Charlette needs a family who is patient, understanding, and supportive and one that will nurture her interests. A permanent family for her will be one that will encourage her to pursue her dream of being a writer or fashion designer. She needs a family who will help her be successful in school. She needs a forever family who is able to take care of her needs and provide her with consistency in a nurturing and highly structured environment. She needs a family to provide security and be committed to caring for her.

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