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Christopher from Texas



from Texas

Christopher is a very caring and thoughtful boy. He loves to spend time with the adults in his life by going fishing, playing catch, or just spending time together doing things like watching TV or playing video games. Chris likes to go bowling, shopping, and out to eat. He is consciences about the foods that he eats, as fitness has become important to him recently and he wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Chris started karate within the past year and really enjoys participating in this activity. In school, Chris needs some additional support in reading, but has become determined to improve this for himself. He has made great strides already with support and practice. Chris is kind and considerate of others. He is well-mannered and respectful. Chris demonstrates his manners by holding doors open for people and addressing adults with "ma'am and sir."

Christopher will thrive in a family with strong authority figures. It is best for Christopher to be in a family without children who are younger than him, although he has also expressed interest in having a brother. Older siblings who could be positive role models for Christopher would be beneficial to his life. He must have a home where positive reinforcement is surrounded by consistent structure and routine. He will thrive in a family who engages him and keeps him involved with age appropriate activities while redirecting his attention to positive learning. Chris has made great progress with consistent and caring relationships with adults in his life. His family will demonstrate patience during his transition into his new family. Christopher, at times, need guidance towards making good decisions. His family will ensure he receives the supportive services he needs. A family with prior childcare experience and a strong emphasis on education will be best. His parents will advocate for Christopher in school and encourage him to meet his full potential.

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