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Christopher from Texas



from Texas

Christopher is a sweet child who enjoys outdoor activities such as playing catch. He also enjoys outdoor activities like going to the park, swimming pools, and theme parks. Christopher is especially gifted in football, riding bikes, and catch. He loves action figures and enjoys taking things apart to discover how they work. Christopher loves video games and super hero movies. He needs extra loving support as he struggles educationally and at times, emotionally. He can be very sweet and loving and does well when praised and encouraged. Christopher is kind and considerate of others. He holds doors open for people; he has manners of common courtesy as well as the respectful habit of addressing adults with ma'am and sir. Christopher is also wonderful with all types of pets. It is important for Christopher to maintain a relationship with his sister who was previously adopted. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Christopher will do best in a two parent family who are strong authority figures. It is best for Christopher to be placed with no other children who are younger than him. Matured siblings who can be great role models for Christopher will be an asset. A home where structure and routine are consistently bounded by positive reinforcement is a must. Christopher is also good with animals. Christopher will thrive in a family who engages him and keeps him involved with age appropriate activities while redirecting his attention to positive learning. He needs a family who has patience during his transition. Christopher needs a family who will ensure he receives any supportive services he needs. A family with prior childcare experience and a strong emphasis on education will be best. His parents need to advocate for Christopher in school and encourage him to meet his full potential.