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Cristopher from Texas



from Texas

Cristopher is a lovable, energetic, and charming boy. He enjoys playing soccer and with his superhero toys. Cristopher's favorite toys are Legos and anything with Batman, Superman, or Paw Patrol displayed on them. Cristopher's favorite activities are watching TV, going to the park, and playing soccer. Cristopher has a smile that will brighten any room. He loves to laugh and have a good time. He gets along well with others, but needs redirection at times. Cristopher's favorite foods are pizza and chicken nuggets. He does well academically and is very smart. At times, he can become distracted which can interfere with his class work. He has basic knowledge about his behaviors and when he needs to be redirected. Christopher is independent and helpful, and loves assisting others.

Cristopher needs a family who will provide him with structure and guidance on a daily basis. He will enjoy a family who is active, so he can have the opportunity to get out and experience different activities. The ideal family will understand Cristopher's behavioral needs. Cristopher is in need of a family who will give him the love, structure, and support. He will benefit from a family small in size. Cristopher will do best with a family who models and praises good behavior in a loving and caring home environment. He will be a wonderful addition to any family.

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