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Daisy from Texas



from Texas

Daisy would describe herself as strong willed, beautiful, kind, courageous, and has a big heart. She always sees the positive in others. She is very nurturing and is quick to help her peers when needed. She has a good head on her shoulders and is very redirectable. Daisy enjoys making others laugh and is very quick witted, naturally. She is a very active young woman, she likes to be outside playing sports. She enjoys playing and watching volleyball, softball, football, basketball, and wrestling. She would like to serve in the United States Military when she is of age and participates in JROTC. Daisy enjoys music and movies, she has no preference in genres. She is very interested in different styles and cultures and enjoys continuously learning new things. She is dyslexic but does well in school with her grades and socializing with her peers. Daisy likes to help clean, cook, and assist in household chores.

Daisy's forever family will be a healthy family. She has no preference in the parents' race, religion, or sexual orientation. Daisy is comfortable with the family having other children of any age or gender. Daisy's family will be active family who would take her on outings and encourage her participation in extra-curricular activities. Her family will be loving and supportive.

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