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Daniel from Texas



from Texas

Daniel is a very active and curious youth who has a great sense of humor! He loves many activities ranging from indoor to outdoor activities. While he enjoys playing video games and board games, he equally enjoys sports and riding his bike. Daniel loves anything science related, as well as reading. He is known to have a dry wit about him. Daniel is a very loyal friend and tries to look out for his friends' best interest. He is a concrete thinker and sees things in black in white. Daniel does well in a small classroom environment, where he can get the support he needs to help him be successful. He does best with step-by-step instructions and repetition are important. Daniel thrives with lots of encouragement from a caring adult.

Daniel's forever family will be one that will be easy-going and committed. He will thrive in a one or two-parent family with older or no children in the home. His family will provide him with consistent routine and boundaries. Daniel will benefit from a family who has medical knowledge or is willing to learn how to care for him.

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