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  Demoreon from Texas



from Texas

Demoreon likes Batman, college and professional football, going to church, and playing video games. He is a curious youth and is intrigued on the functioning of things such as aircraft and cars. Demoreon learns at a slower rate than other children his age. He needs special attention in school to help him be successful. At times he needs help processing information learned and repetitive instructions are of great assistance to him. Demoreon is well mannered and friendly and speaks to others when passing by. He maintains a friendly character. He may become antagonistic if provoked by others. In regards to food, he does not have a particular favorite food but has a great appetite and has no problem eating his vegetables.

Demoreon will benefit from a two parent family who is able to implement structure and is nurturing, patient, understanding, and easy to talk to. He would love a family who enjoys the outdoors and will enjoy outdoor activities with him.

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