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Desiree from Texas



from Texas

Desiree is a very sweet, sensitive child who is on a quest to find her identity. She loves to receive one-on-one attention and enjoys going new places. She is learning to think more abstractly and this skill shows through her poems and artwork. Desiree loves to write music, sing, and dance. She able to hit the really high notes and aspires to sing powerful notes like Whitney Houston. Her favorite type of music in general is gospel. Desiree loves attending Christian churches where she is able to express her faith through praise and worship. Desiree wants to be a part of a family who will create a forever home for her. Desiree likes knowing what to expect, and dislikes surprises. She loves being "motherly" towards younger children.

An ideal family for Desiree will be a two-parent household who supports and encourages her faith. Her family will be open to her maintaining contact with her biological family, if deemed to be in her best interest through her supportive services. A parent who is able to provide individual attention and build a connection with Desiree is ideal. She would like to own a dog, but states that it is not a deal-breaker. Desiree will benefit from being cared for by a family who is patient, experienced in parenting, and offers a structured home.

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