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Ernest from Texas



from Texas

Ernest is a fun youth who enjoys anything outdoors; he especially loves to swim! He definitely has an adventurous side, and he is always up for anything that is daring. He also has an athletic side and likes playing basketball outside. Ernest enjoys spending a lot of time being a gamer and playing on the Nintendo or PlayStation 4. He has a love for food. He has a big appetite for nachos, corn dogs, macaroni, and cheese. Ernest also has a sweet tooth and loves anything with chocolate. Ernest enjoys arts, drawing, and reading sci-fi books. He also is really into collecting action figures. He tends to be quiet, but he is hilarious once he warms up to someone. Ernest also wishes to own his fast car and big house when he is older!

Ernest will thrive in a loving, experienced two-parent family. His forever family will provide a structured family and environment. His family will be patient with him as it may take him some time to feel comfortable in his forever home. He does well with fewer children his age or older, in order for him to get more individual attention and feel secure. Ernest will thrive in a family who exposes him to new and different experiences. Ernest's family will provide a loving, patient forever family who will provide him with the best environment possible.

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