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Evelyn from Texas



from Texas

Evelyn is a very shy, but she is a happy teenager. She can be reserved; however, her siblings would describe her as outgoing, silly, funny, and playful. She is also very loving and caring. Her favorite types of food are Mexican, Chinese, and Italian. She enjoys playing with animals; especially dogs. She love reading and listening to music. She would choose being at home playing board games and watching tv. She enjoys school and dreams of going to college. She wants to become a successful lawyer one day. She will benefit from having a regular chore routine and continue to develop her social skills as well as mastering skills of daily life activities. For example, keeping the home clean, learn to cook, do laundry as well as preparation/skills for adult living.

Evelyn the oldest and she is very smart. She wants to go to college and become a lawyer. Liliana is sweet and outspoken. Liliana love fishing and swimming. Heidi is very sweet and is a little shy. She enjoys playing outside with her sisters and watching Tik Tok videos on TV. Evelyn and Liliana are close to each other, but they do argue from time to time. Both Evelyn and Liliana are also close to Heidi. Evelyn, Liliana, and Heidi enjoy going shopping, swimming, and going out to eat together. The girls enjoy watching TV as well and playing board games. The girls enjoy chatting with friends on electronic devices. Liliana and Evelyn prefer to play games or watch TV while Heidi enjoys playing outside.

Evelyn will benefit from having a stable, caring and loving home. He forever family will provide structure and a daily routine. It is important for the family to be firm and stick to their rules. Her forever family will enjoy going on weekend trips, shopping, going out to eat, swimming and have pets. She will benefit from a home that is patient and help her recognize her own strengths, good traits, and help her to develop her life skills and self-esteem.

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