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Francisco from Texas



from Texas

Francisco is a youth who has a passion for sports. Specifically, he enjoys playing football, soccer, and track. Francisco is enthusiastic about sports and can speak for hours about his favorite sports teams. He enjoys competing in football and track and has excelled in both. Francisco has a positive attitude, is goal oriented and is especially excited for his future in college. He is well mannered, social, and is very respectful to his surroundings and is open to learning new things. Francisco is not afraid to be challenged and likes to build on his confidence with what he is familiar with. He likes to take care of his sport equipment but also has a passion for his education and career goals. Francisco would like to be an engineer in the future with the possibility of playing football professionally.

Francisco, Andrea and Alondra are a sibling group of three who are tremendously close and are not able to see their lives without each other in it; they each share a part of each other and have bonds that are unbreakable. Francisco is the oldest sibling and is very responsible and self-aware of what he wants for himself and his potential future. Francisco also encourages his two younger sisters to continue doing well in school as Francisco understands the importance of education. Andrea is the middle sibling, and like her older brother, she takes pride in caring for her younger sibling. She has the strongest bond and relationship with her younger sister, Alondra. Andrea's interest in continuing her education is very prominent in her life as Andrea dreams of becoming an attorney one day. Alondra is the youngest of the sibling group of three. Alondra loves her siblings and does not see a life without any of them in it. Alondra is very sensitive but very caring to her older siblings and is always excited to see them. Alondra loves to spend as much time as possible with her siblings.

Francisco would benefit from a family that has an open heart to welcome him and all his ideas of becoming an engineer or a professional football player. Francisco is excited to go to college and pursue a higher education; therefore, a family that would ensure that his educational goals and needs are being met is very important. Francisco would benefit from a family that is loving and caring to all his needs but the utmost importance of a family for Francisco is understanding the life events that have made Francisco the young man he is today.

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