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Guadalupe from Texas



from Texas

Guadalupe is a spunky boy filled with love for life. He is a twin and has a very deep connection with his twin brother, as well as his other siblings. Guadalupe is the more affectionate and caring between him and his twin brother. He enjoys staying very active, and is full of energy. Guadalupe is always up for any activity, but he also is sure to enjoy sleeping in and waking up late. Guadalupe enjoys playing with his toys, and loves watching a good movie and cartoons. He will get especially creative with his Lego toys. Unlike his twin brother, Guadalupe is a bit more reserved, but enjoys listening to music. Guadalupe also likes being outdoors and playing outside.

Lidia, Guadalupe, Arturo, and Julio are all very energetic and active children. They enjoy creating memories together and look forward to finding a forever family. They enjoying going out to the park together, playing, and having fun. The children have never been separated and have a very strong connection with each other. The younger siblings tend to gravitate towards Lidia and look up to her very much. They have a very fun and outgoing dynamic, and with all four different personalities, they tend to balance each other very well. As a group, it is very important for them to be able to remain together. Lidia is big sweetheart and the oldest of her siblings. She particularly is very protective and caring towards her siblings. Lidia is affectionate and loving towards them. Lidia enjoys spending time with her siblings and enjoys doing activities as a family. Lidia is reserved and well behaved. Arturo and Guadalupe are four year old twins. Arturo is energetic and very active. He is also very bonded with his siblings, but is described to be more independent from his siblings. Arturo tends to be the one who brings the sibling group together, and is very fun. Guadalupe is also very energetic and active; however, he may be the more reserved at times. Guadalupe is not shy to be affectionate, loving, and caring. Julio Cesar is the youngest and is very bonded his siblings and cares for them very much. Julio Cesar is loving and caring, especially towards his siblings.

Guadalupe will do well with a family who is able to keep up with his energy as well as his sibling's active life style. He is very bonded with his siblings and wishes to continue to be placed with them. Guadalupe will do well with a two parent family who has the ability keep him and his siblings entertained, and busy.