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Jaedin from Texas



from Texas

Jaedin is an affectionate boy who loves being outside. He enjoys jumping on the trampoline and swimming at the neighborhood swimming pool. Jaedin also loves going for car rides and talking walks through the neighborhood. His other favorite activities include bouncy balls and Legos. He responds well to sensory, stimulating toys. Jaedin loves to be tickled, and he's a Minions fan! Although Jaedin gets along well with others, he is eager to explore and navigate the world independently. His ability to express himself in a positive manner is developing. Jaedin is accustomed to a regular schedule. He likes keeping things around him neat and organized. One of his regular activities is to line up all of his stuffed animals in an organized row. Jaedin enjoys the simple things in life.

Jaedin will do well in a small family who will be able to provide frequent individual nurturing and support. He will benefit from routines and structure in his home. Jaedin's family will understand the importance of educating themselves on his needs. His family will be committed to maintaining necessary supportive services which will aid him.

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