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Jason from Texas



from Texas

Jason is a busy and sweet young boy. He likes to be in the middle of everything and is typically easy going and laid back. He is very fond of video games and can talk about them all day long. Jason has a talent and skill for video games that is impressive. He responds well to nurturing and affection. Jason is all boy, he enjoys playing outside and being involved with nature. Jason can display his mischievous grin one minute and a sweet sensitive smile the next. He bonds easily to caregivers and is kind hearted with those he cares about. Jason loves all sports, especially football and baseball. He loves to attend sporting events and watching sports on television. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the High Plains.

Jason's family will provide him with lots of routine and structure. He also needs close supervision and guidance. Jason will do very well with two-parent home or in a single-parent home. He will do best with a family who is active and enjoys being outside. Jason will benefit from a family who is calm and loving. He needs a family who is structured and is able to redirect him without raising their voices. He is eager to be loved and be part of a family who will accept him.

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