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Jedidiah from Texas



from Texas

Jedidiah is a funny and playful child. He likes to go by the nickname "Jedi," and he carries the power of the Force with him in his playful demeanor. Jedi loves to cuddle. Some of his favorite things are the "Minions," dinosaurs, and the "Cars" movie from Disney. Jedi enjoys the movies with his favorite characters as well, and also any toys or items he may receive of them make him smile. He loves having big soft toys around him to hold and hug, especially if they are of his favorite characters or of any animal. Jedi has a contagiously bright and big smile. Jedi is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Jedi speaks in limited and short sentences or statements. He requires consistent attention and care. Jedi gets along very well with other children and adults. Jedi can be very shy at first, but he will slowly warm up to someone when gains some familiarity and trust. Jedi has an impressive memory and he will often say something that will surprise you.

Jedi will do best with a family that has experience working with Autism or a child with special needs. Jedi's forever family will understand that he requires time to warm up to new people and surroundings. Jedi's family be willing to transport Jedi to all of his medical appointments. His forever family will understand that it is important to understand Jedi will require care and supervision throughout his entire life.

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