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Joe from Texas



from Texas

Joe is a very active and playful child. He enjoys watching Disney movies and singing along to them. He has a very active imagination and can entertain himself for hours either watching movies or doing other creative things. He also enjoys playing video games, drawing, and reading in his spare time. Joe wants to be part of a big family. He enjoys playing with hair and would like to have long hair of his own. He has a very loving personality and cares for others, which makes him very sociable. He likes going to school and talking to people. He also enjoys playing with his friends when he can.

Joe will love to have a forever mom and dad. He does not mind being the youngest sibling or only child in the home. He will benefit from structure and routine, but also needs a family that he can be himself with. He looks forward to singing along with his parents to Disney movies. His forever family will provide consistency and be patient with him.

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