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Joe from Texas



from Texas

Joe is a smart and observant child. He cares very much about his family, his siblings, and teammates. Joe has an inquisitive nature and he is interested in participating in his case. He is respectful and outspoken, he likes to ensure there is a good plan in place for himself and his siblings. Joe is easy-going, he gets along well with his peers and adults he interacts with. He can be passive, yet he is very aware of his environment. Joe communicates effectively about his needs and desires. He likes to channel his energy in to sports and physical activity. Joe wishes to grow up to be a successful person. Joe has expressed he would like to do well in school to ensure a bright future for him and his siblings.

These siblings look forward to their life together! Overall, they get along very well. Jaime sees herself as the protector of her brothers. At times, she argues with her brothers, but is also very nurturing towards them. Julian and John have a very playful relationship. They love to horse-play and wrestle and are always laughing with one another. They all seek the approval of the eldest brothers, Joe. Joe appreciates his space from his siblings. Though he will also seek out engagement with his siblings, by calling to check on them and being playful with them. The children worry about one another and have a sense of togetherness and completeness when they are able to spend quality time together.

Joe has expressed he would like to be placed with his siblings or to be an only child. He finds respectful and understanding communication from a caregiver to be the most motivating. Joe needs for his parents to believe in his abilities and provide him the encouragement and support to make improvements as well as to thrive. A caregiver who will encourage him play sports and participate in school activities would be best for Joe.

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