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John from Texas



from Texas

John is very outgoing and quick to greet everyone with a hug. He enjoys playing outside, playing with toy cars and his trains, watching movies, and looking at books. John enjoys independent play most often however he is able to play with other children. John loves to eat. He loves hotdogs, spaghetti, and chicken. He is playful, friendly, generous, and affectionate. John is very curious and likes to touch everything. He covers his ears around loud noises. John has difficulty with change and requires a structured routine. He is able to make friends, likes school, and is very bright. John enjoys coloring and crafts. He is able to complete his task independently. He knows his letters and comprehends language when being spoken to. John communicates with one or two word sentences.

John's new family needs to be very loving and patient, and able to devote time to John and help him develop to his full potential. John may benefit from having a sibling who can model appropriate behaviors. He needs a family who will advocate for him to ensure he receives all the services and assistance at school and in the medical community. It will be best if his new home does not have many children. John needs a home that sets clear and consistent boundaries and offers positive reinforcement. He needs a family who will ensure he receives speech and occupational therapy, and who will continue to work with doctors and therapist to help him improve.

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