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Jose from Texas



from Texas

Jose is a smart, athletic, and helpful boy. He enjoys playing all different kinds of sports and he loves to run - he is super fast. He does well in school academically. He has several favorite different subjects in school such as, reading, science, math, and writing. He also really enjoys P.E. because, he gets to play sports and run around. In his downtime, he is a typical boy who loves to play video games and watch funny Youtube videos. His favorite video game right now is Fortnite! Jose is caring and helpful especially with children younger than he is. One of his dreams is to be able to go to Disneyland and ride all the rides he can! He is excited to have a forever family that he can play sports with and who can help make his wish come true!

Jose's forever family will be understanding and empathetic of what he has witnessed and been through while in the home of his biological family. His forever family will be highly trained in or have well-rounded experience in de-escalating children when having a severe outbursts. Jose will do well in a two parent home with strong parent figures and with very young children or teenagers. He needs love and patience and a committed family that will not judge his inability to control his angry feelings at times. This family will need to be invested in accessing the resources available to get him in the appropriate therapy and understand that his outburst will be temporary with stability, structure, and trust.

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