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  Jozana from Texas



from Texas

Jozana is a shy teenager who keeps an open mind and a positive attitude, even through her struggles. She has made friends and enjoys slumber parties. Jozana tends to keep her emotions in check, which often leads to her appearing somewhat tense and anxious. She is usually shy, quiet, and cooperative in her interactions with authority figures. She seeks very close attachments that help her feel safe. She relies on adults for support and security and may exhibit clinging behavior and a fear of separation at times. Jozana participates in a modified educational curriculum to assist her with reading and math. Jozana made plenty of friends during her last school year. She participated in band the past year and she would like to try out for volleyball, basketball, or cheerleading. Jozana likes to go on outings and is caring about her looks and fashion.

Jozana's ideal family will provide unconditional love and consistent structure. She needs a mother figure and will do well with a family who is active. Jozana needs a family who will invest in her and who will assist her with homework. She needs a family who is patient and who will guide her on appropriate behaviors. She does well with pets and other children of all ages. Jozana need a family who will be able to have conversations and teach her about appropriate relationships in the future. Jozana loves to help and needs a mother figure who will take the time to do mother daughter things and who will show her love.

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