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Ka'maryon from Texas



from Texas

Ka'Maryon, who goes by his nickname KJ, is a sweet young boy who has overcome many obstacles in his young life. Even with the challenges he faces, he is always giving everyone around him a big smile and enjoys being the center of attention. KJ is learning some sign language to help him express his needs as he is not verbal. He has made great strides in his ability to walk independently and is doing so very well. He is developing a taste for specific foods such as strawberries, bananas, and gold fishes. KJ loves to play with light up toys, have stories read to him, and listen to music. He will put on a great show when music comes on especially to some of his favorite shows. KJ seems to like animals mainly from afar, but when up close he is very cautious with his interaction. He benefits from having a good routine.

Ka'Mayron will be best fit with a family who understands his medical needs. It would also be best for him to be the only child or maybe the youngest as he will benefit from a lot of attention by his caregivers. Of course, lots of love and attention from the family is necessary.

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