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Katelyn from Texas



from Texas

Katelyn is a very creative, unique girl. She is a fun, loving teen, who can be shy at times. Katelyn is an introvert. She enjoys staying home and keeping her circle small. She has a great sense of humor and enjoys laughing and playing jokes. You can find Katelyn smiling ear to ear most of the time and in a good mood. She enjoys arts and crafts such as painting, drawing, and coloring. Katelyn also enjoys taking photos of her siblings or herself. She enjoys sharing her special moments and her photographs. Katelyn likes to listen to music and watch movies. She enjoys putting puzzles together and playing with Legos. Katelyn can be a great helper and a good listener. Katelyn is family oriented, therefore, visiting and seeing her siblings is important to her.

Katelyn would like a family who is open to her relationship with her siblings. She will benefit from a family who has clear expectations, structure, and communicates well. Katelyn would like a family who is also family oriented.

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