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Kiarra from Texas



from Texas

Kiarra is a very outgoing and talkative youth. She describes herself as "very loyal and very bright." She also loves to make people laugh and has no trouble making friends. Kiarra, like many teens, enjoys spending time with others and doing arts and crafts as well. She likes to play with dolls and considers herself a "girly girl." She wants to try out for cheerleading when she goes to high school. Kiarra also loves acting and modeling. When she gets older, Kiarra dreams of becoming a police officer or a teacher, as she loves kids and enjoys helping others. Kiarra is also a big fan of Halloween and loves to watch scary movies. She is a sweet girl with a big personality and who is a joy to be around!

Kiarra will do best with a two-parent family, specifically with a mother and father or two mothers. She wants a family where she is an only child and she does not mind where the family lives. Kiarra loves animals so she would love a family who has pets. The ideal family will be understanding and supportive of Kiarra and her desire to continue communication with some of her family members. Her family is very important to her. Her ideal family will also understand and help navigate with Kiarra through the dynamics of adoption. Kiarra wants a family where she will feel loved and supported in every way.

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