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Krisette from Texas



from Texas

Krisette is a happy little girl who expresses her feelings and emotions by touch or by making noises. Krisette tend to smile, cry, grunt, and babbles from time to time depending on her mood. She loves attention and loves being spoken to and played with. Krisette likes to be outside and go for rides around the neighborhood in her wagon on days when weather permits. She also loves to sit poolside and soak up the sun. Krisette has many toys that she likes to play with and chew on. Krisette builds strong connections with others. She is able to communicate her needs or wants by demonstrating non-verbal cues. Krisette appears to be the happiest when she is interacting with others. She is a very sweet and loving little girl.

Krisette needs a patient, loving, and nurturing home and family who will make her feel safe and secure. Her family will need to be patient and allow Krisette time develop a relationship with their family. Her family will ensure she receives any services she requires. This includes being an effective advocate for her educational and therapeutic needs in the future and in accessing appropriate services as she transitions to adulthood. She needs a family to provide her supervision, praise, and encouragement. Her family will love her unconditionally and be committed to all of her needs.

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