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Lilianna from Texas



from Texas

Lilianna is a friendly young lady with an exuberant personality. She likes to be called Lili. People who know her can't help but like her because she has such a sweet spirit. She really thrives from a close relationship with her caregivers. She is such a sweetheart that she is always the first to apologize after a disagreement. She is thoughtful and cares about others and likes to share with them. She enjoys roller skating with friends. She likes to be outdoors and likes to ride bikes. Lili does enjoy going to church. She is really good at playing video games which is something that she likes to do. She is a mermaid and loves to be in the pool when the weather is nice. Lili is very independent and likes to learn how to do things on her own. She thrives on attention and does well when she has one-on-one time with adults. Lili enjoys getting dolled up by being pampered and getting a manicure and pedicure. She has gorgeous long hair that she takes great care of and likes to try out different hair styles. She likes to wear make up sometimes. She is always excited to get dressed up to go on a trip to the movies and out for dinner. She can be just as comfortable in casual clothing as she likes to be comfortable at the house. Her favorite cuisine is Mexican food, and her favorite dessert is ice cream. Lili dreams of being adopted and being part of her forever family.

Lili will do best in a home with few children, so her parents can devote time to her. She thrives on one-on-one time. Lili's forever family will advocate for her in the school system. She needs extra assistance with reading so her forever parents will be sure she gets the resources she needs to succeed. Lili's forever family will support and love her unconditionally. Her forever family will be open to seeking family counseling with Lili in order to assist in the transition into an adoptive family. Lili will brighten her forever home with her personality.

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