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Lilyth from Texas



from Texas

Lilyth is a happy, loving, and calm baby. She enjoys being carried, playing in her bouncer and with her toys, and making bubbles with her mouth. Lilyth is medically fragile and is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. She has a trachea and g-tube. Lilyth utilizes a wheelchair for mobility. Lilyth is receiving speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy to help with her speech, improve mobility, and improve her movement with everyday activities. Lilyth has made great progress and is starting to babble more and hopes to start using words soon. Lilyth is also starting to have a little more mobility; she is able to reach out and grab things with her left hand. She likes to be in the center of things because her favorite thing to do is watch people move around her. Lilyth is a strong-willed baby who will make the greatest impression when you spend time with her.

Lilyth's forever family will encourage her development and growth and help her grow to her fullest capacity. Lilyth will thrive in a home that is patient, consistent, and understanding. She will also thrive in a home that can provide careful supervision while providing a safe place to express herself and reach her goals. Lilyth will respond best to a predictable and structured environment.

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