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Loriann from Texas



from Texas

Loriann is an active and spunky child. She is consistently found to be laughing or smiling, and she enjoys making her friends laugh at school. She is well-liked by all her teachers and does well academically. She is the youngest of five siblings and maintains a strong bond with the other four, who have previously been adopted. She enjoys playing soccer and going to church. Loriann enjoys pets and would do well in a home with a dog or a cat. Loriann is helpful and likes to feel like she is included in things. She thrives when she is asked to help around the house, and she knows right from wrong. Over the past year, Loriann has learned to manage her behaviors better and is learning to breathe through her "big" emotions.

Loriann's forever family will be dedicated to helping her navigate her behaviors and helping her talk through the times she gets overwhelmed. Loriann enjoys helping around the house and does well when she feels included in these tasks. Her family will be patient and loving with her as change can be difficult for Loriann.

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