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Malaysia from Texas



from Texas

Malaysia has a very strong-willed personality and demonstrates leadership qualities in every aspect of her life. She is very intelligent and mature for her age, knowing how to use her hobbies and interests to her advantage. Malaysia has a very competitive personality, but she is also very helpful and creative in the things she does every day. She is optimistic about her future and has a positive outlook on herself and what she wants to accomplish. Malaysia is the oldest of the three siblings, who are not a part of this adoption. She looks forward to maintaining ongoing contact with them. She is excited to find a forever family and asks often if anyone has been found to adopt her. Malaysia wants to be loved and to know her forever family will stand by her no matter what. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Malaysia will thrive in a family who is positive, active, and participates in community activities. She will benefit from a family who is understanding, encouraging, and supportive as she transitions into her new life. Her family will be patient, kind, and committed as well as have knowledge of trauma-informed interventions. She will benefit from a family who is willing to spend individual time with her. Her forever family will provide positive reinforcement and redirection in a structured home environment.

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