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Marco from Texas



from Texas

Marco is a happy and well-adjusted child. He always has a bright affect, which is often contagious. Marco is able to easily make connections and friends at school. Marco does very well in school and he enjoys participating in sports at school. His favorite subjects are math and science. Marco was part of the football team this school year and he hopes attend an NFL game in person one day. He enjoys playing with drones and video games. Marco is very helpful around the house and likes being active. He loves spaghetti and pizza, and has a hardy appetite. Marco is very loving and caring, and will make a great addition to any family.

Alejandra, Jorge, Nicole, and Marco are four siblings who get along well with each other. They love one another and enjoy spending time together. The siblings enjoy going on family outings to the movies or staying home to play video games. All the children have sweet, caring and charming personalities. Alejandra, Nicole, and Jorge are outgoing and they enjoy interacting with others. Marco is more of a homeboy, he enjoys staying in and having movie nights. Marco is very athletic, but prefers to only shine on the field. Alejandra is a star athlete and excels in school. She is also very creative and enjoys working on arts and crafts. Nicole is very athletic, and enjoys going hiking and on runs. Nicole is very protective of her siblings and likes to look out for them. Marco is the youngest and he enjoys being active and playing football and swimming. Marco is following in his brother's footsteps and is playing football at school.

Marco will benefit from a family who is consistent and structured. His family will offer unconditional support, guidance, and supervision. They will understand him and offer positive reinforcement. Marco looks up to his older siblings, and enjoys spending time with them. Marco's family will help strengthen the connection for him and his siblings.

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