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Michael from Texas



from Texas

Michael is friendly, independent, outgoing, and charismatic. He says he is growing up fast, but still enjoys events like track meets and playing basketball. He enjoys playing with children his age and interacts well with them. Michael has an amazing memory and has no problem sharing his opinion. Michael enjoys talking about sports, video games, animals, and movies. He likes to look good and puts effort into his appearance. Like many teens his age, Michael enjoys a sense of independence and accomplishing tasks for himself. He may need a gentle reminder occasionally to keep up with chores. This amazing youth is loving towards others and eager to share momentous experiences such as learning to drive, seeking employment, and weighing in options for colleges with his new family.

Hi, we are Michael, Alexus, and Ishmael! We would describe our relationship with one another as positive. We get along and love one another. Michael is friendly and enjoys a sense of independence. He tends to look after his younger siblings. Alexus is sweet and creative. She is the peacekeeper of the group. Ishmael is fun loving and inquisitive. He is never short of fun ideas. We love animals, watching TV, and music. We are outgoing and enjoy getting out of the house to play in a park, swim, go to the movies, or attend an event in the community. As a sibling group of three, we share a unique relationship. Michael's experiences and lessons are passed down. Alexus's point of view allows her to think outside of the box. Ishmael's youth allows him to look at situations with new and fresh perspective. Together they possess a dynamic fun-loving triad and are looking to complete their family.

The type of family best suited for Michael is a two parent household. He will do well in a structured home which offers consistency. A parenting style which incorporates creating and maintaining positive relationships, explaining reasons behind rules, and enforcing rules and giving consequences all while taking his feelings into consideration would be ideal. Michael would appreciate parents who are animal lovers, very active and outgoing, with a great sense of humor.