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Nevaeh from Texas



from Texas

Nevaeh is an outgoing and bubbly child. She enjoys reading chapter books and writing short stories. She does well in school, her favorite subjects are reading and writing. On many occasions, she has expressed an interest in arts and crafts with creating things from scratch. Nevaeh appears to be shy during on the initial interaction, but she has a big personality and is open to meeting new people. She is very active and gets along well with her peers. Nevaeh loves to eat French fries and cookies. She loves to play board games and hopes one day she will be able to travel.

Nevaeh will do best in a family with strong role models. She would like a family who models and praises behavior in a loving, caring environment. A two-parent home will be best for Nevaeh. She wants to have a family with brothers and sisters that she can play with. She is in need of a family who will ultimately provide her with structure and guidance on a daily basis. Nevaeh will enjoy being a part of a family who is active, giving her the opportunity to explore different activities. Her ideal family will be one who will love Nevaeh unconditionally and ensure she has a successful life with a promising future. Nevaeh will be a wonderful addition to any family.

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