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Nickolas from Texas



from Texas

Nickolas enjoys many of the same interests as other children his age. His favorite sports team is the Dallas Cowboys. He likes watching movies, playing video games, listening to Christian music, playing and building things with Legos, and swimming. Nickolas works hard in school to catch up and to do well in his classes. At times he can be impulsive and has a difficult time managing his emotions. However, he continues to work on identifying and managing his emotions appropriately and he is making great improvements. Nickolas likes to help around the house and works hard to earn privileges. He has a healthy appetite and some of his favorite foods are gummy bears, pizza, BBQ, and pork chops with mashed potatoes. Nickolas likes pets and is ok with having as many pets as his family wants! He is ready to try new things like camping or hiking, as long as he doesn't get bit by a spider.

Nickolas' family will be patient and nurturing. He would like a family with children, so he can have brothers or sisters. Since he likes pets, he will do well with a family who has pets. Nickolas is looking forward to being adopted and finding his forever family.

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