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Samonne from Texas



from Texas

Samonne is a bright, happy, and outgoing child that enjoys interacting with peers. She likes to listen to music and dance. She is sassy and fun. She enjoys getting her hair done and dressing up. She loves being in the spotlight and likes to sing! Samonne enjoys school but does not have a favorite subject. She does require extra assistance with her school work. Samonne enjoys racing her wheelchair and being her bubbly self. She enjoys participating in outside activities and going shopping for new outfits. She enjoys doing arts and crafts and showing off what she has made. She likes looking up new videos where people are doing professional dance routines and tries to learn them. Her favorite food is tacos with hot sauce. Despite Samonne's physical limitations, she is full of personality!

Samonne's forever family will be a nurturing forever family. Her forever family will provide a loving, supportive, and inviting family atmosphere. Acceptances is essential to helping Samonne overcome past experiences. Through various circumstances. Her forever family will be a positive, patient family that is willing to reassure Samonne as needed. They will provide security, stability and will help establish a new foundation for success in Samonne's life.

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