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Sean from Texas



from Texas

Sean is a confident negotiator who is outgoing and fun-loving. He is most at home when he is outside. Sean loves all kinds of sports, especially basketball. He enjoys participating in outdoor activities. He is an active child who likes to stay busy and really enjoys "experiences" such as going to amusement parks, jump parks, and Dave and Buster's. Sean is a polite youth. He does well in school with encouragement and extra assistance. His favorite subjects are math and biology. Sean is very friendly and makes friends everywhere he goes. He is outgoing and loves with all his heart. Sean cam be competitive and craves recognition. At times, he needs reminders to stay focused on his tasks. Sean enjoys watching movies and playing video games. He loves to watch videos on the tablet and enjoys TikTok. He is good at solving a Rubik's Cube. Sean has expressed an interest in obtaining a job. He plans to go to a trade school, and he wants to be an underwater welder when he grows up. Sean will need to maintain contact with his siblings, as this is important to him. Sean is a funny kid who likes to engage in conversations with adults. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Sean's forever family will be active and able to keep up with him. His forever family will commit to him, allow him to express himself, and provide him with the support he needs to achieve his goals. His ideal family will live an active lifestyle and enjoy being involved in activities outside the home and in the community. Sean enjoys being in the company of those for whom he cares, so it is important that the family be able to provide him with the attention he seeks. They will also provide Sean with positive reinforcement, guidance, supervision, and a sense of security and safety in the years to come. Siblings who are older and can be positive role models would be beneficial. Sean's family will assist him in maintaining contact with his siblings.

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