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Sean from Texas



from Texas

Sean is a confident, outgoing, and fun-loving youth who loves to play. He is most at home when he is outside and he loves all kinds of sports and outdoor activities. He is active and likes to stay busy. Sean is usually polite and eager to please. He earns average grades and behaves well in school. Sean is very friendly and makes friends everywhere he goes. He is outgoing and loves with all his heart. Sean is competitive and craves recognition. At times, this drives him to negative behaviors to attract attention. He can be uncooperative and authoritative with his peers and occasionally strikes out at others when he becomes upset. He has difficulty staying focused on tasks and can be easily distracted. Sean enjoys watching movies, playing baseball, and playing games.

Sean will do well with a family who is active and can keep up with him. He needs a family who will commit to him, allow him to express himself, and provide him with the support he needs to achieve his goals. His ideal family will live an active lifestyle and enjoy being involved in activities outside the home and in the community. Sean enjoys being in the company of those for whom he cares, so it is important that the family be able to provide him with the attention he seeks. They will also need to provide Sean with positive reinforcement, guidance, supervision, and a sense of security and safety in the years to come. Siblings who are older and can be positive role models would be beneficial.