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Skylar from Texas



from Texas

Autumn, who prefers being called "Sky," is an artistic and empathetic youth. Sky is a sensitive and open-minded teen. She has no problem communicating her desires and needs. Sky strongly desires connection and relationships with those around her. She does very well in school, though benefits from additional support when feeling overwhelmed. Sky's favorite subjects are world history and art. She would like to be a tattoo artist when she grows up. Sky has a very creative personality. She loves to draw, create art, and cook. Sky would love to learn more about cooking with the help of a loving parent. She is very talented at applying makeup and loves to get dressed up. Sky also enjoys swimming and has expressed interest in swim aerobics.

Sky's forever family will empower her to feel confident in herself and encourage her desire to seek connection. Her family will provide love, reassurance, and gentle guidance. Sky would like a family who will help her live a healthy and active lifestyle in a positive and accepting way. They will encourage her to enjoy her childhood while providing the opportunity for growth and independence. Her family will encourage her to use positive coping skills whenever she feels sad or overwhelmed. She will thrive with a strong female or motherly presence. Sky is most familiar living in a metropolitan area and would do better in an urban setting. At this time, it is preferred that Sky remain in Texas.

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