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Soraya from Texas



from Texas

Soraya is a very smart girl who is enrolled in some advanced classes. She enjoys her art, dance, pre-AP reading, science, and social studies classes. Soraya stated that her classes are very easy for her, and her favorite subject is science. She gets along well with her peers, though her peers can easily influence her at times. Soraya enjoys reading, singing, ice skating, and going on outings. She really enjoys listening to music. She likes all types of music including zen music, dub step, heavy metal, and rap. Soraya likes to eat and her favorite is cereals include Honey Bunches of Oats and frosted wheat. Soraya likes to read horror and suspense books. She will flourish in any home that provides her a loving environment.

Soraya's family will be loving, caring, patient and accepting of her. She will benefit from a family who will take time to get to know her. Her family will teach her appropriate life skills.

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