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Stephen from Texas



from Texas

Stephen is a unique teenager that may seem timid at first but once he gets comfortable, he becomes more social. He enjoys playing cards with his peers and can be very easy going. He has lots of energy to burn, he enjoys playing basketball and throwing the ball around outside. He does well when he stays busy and is able to socialize with his friends. He has a small competitive side when it comes to paying basketball, football, or any sport really. Stephen enjoys being helpful, he is cooperative and insightful. He also enjoys participating in activities and playing board games or Pokemon cards with his peers. He likes watching funny movies, Anime, playing his Xbox, and watching music videos. He is always willing to share his things with someone if they do not have the same thing as him. There is not much he does not like, except for chores, like most teenagers. Stephen has been putting lots of thought into his future and he would like to do something with his hands when he grows up. He has been thinking about becoming a welder lately. Stephen's goal is to save money to buy himself a fast car and just drive it across the country. He hopes to join a forever family who is calm and patient to explain things to him

Stephen's forever family will be one that has a father figure who will spend individual time with him. His family will recognize his strengths and limitations. His family will empower his strengths, while nurturing him in a loving manner to recognize and acknowledge his capabilities and personal worth. Stephen's family will talk to him, understand how to work with his coping skills, and help him process the situations. When talking to him, it's important to use encouraging words. His family will support and understands his need to continue any needed support services and will help Stephen by using routine in their home. Stephen will benefit from a family who does not have young children in the home. His family will encourage him to participate in different recreational activities and show him support. His forever family will praise his good behavior and help him work on his self-esteem. His family will be active and understanding of him. His family will encourage him to be himself. He is open to the idea of having a pet and helping to take care of his new pet!

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