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Stephen from Texas



from Texas

Stephen is an outgoing boy. He is quiet and timid at first but once he gets comfortable he becomes more social and is easy going. He has lots of energy to burn and enjoys playing basketball and throwing the ball around with his peers. Stephen likes to be helpful, so he is cooperative and insightful. He is also an active teenager who loves being outside playing basketball or any sports and doing activities with his peers. However, he enjoys being inside watching anime, playing on the Xbox, watching music videos, and playing card games. There is not much he does not like but if there is something, it is that he does not like chores which is a typical teenage reaction! Like all teenagers, he is getting to the age where he tries to test his boundaries. Stephen would like to be adopted by a family that is active and understanding of the needs of teenagers. He is open to the idea of having a pet and helping to take care of his new pet!

Stephen would do best with a family that has a father figure who can take the time to spend one on one time with him. His forever family will talk to him, understand how to work with his coping skills, and help him process the situations. When talking to him, it's important to use encouraging words. His family will support and understands his need to continue any needed support services. His forever family will provide routine. His forever family will be one that does not have younger children. Stephen's forever family will be one who will encourage him to participate in different recreational activities and shows him support. His forever family will praise his good behavior and help him work on his self-esteem.

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