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Tamia from Texas



from Texas

Tamia is a social, outgoing, and energetic young lady who enjoys shopping and being pampered! Some of her interests include cheerleading and various church activities. Tamia is strong minded, determined, and dynamic. At times, she can struggle academically and may benefit from receiving additional tutoring or supportive services. Tamia can be helpful in completing chores but may need reminders to stay on task. She may benefit from increased responsibility so she can feel successful and gain a sense of accomplishment. Tamia is currently working on identifying sources of her emotions and learning positive coping skills to regulate her feelings when upset. Tamia is a loving youth who desires to be with a loving family.

Tamia will benefit from a family that will provide her with structure and consistency as well as love and acceptance. The ideal family will foster an environment full of positive praise to provide Tamia with a sense of security and safety. Offering Tamia one-on-one time will be critical in supporting, strengthening and facilitating a strong trusting relationship with open communication. The family should also provide clear and consistent rules and expectations. Tamia would love a family that is open to her maintaining communication with her siblings as she is very attached to them.