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Tamyah from Texas



from Texas

Tamyah is a fun, outgoing, and compassionate teen who loves to laugh. She is an energetic social butterfly and enjoys making friends, which is something she does easily. Like most teenagers, she enjoys being active outdoors when the weather permits, watching movies, hanging out with friends, and listening to music. She has a fun and oftentimes, bold demeanor. She enjoys participating in sports and likes to relieve stress by playing activities outdoors such as basketball or working out. She does well in school with added support and enjoys being involved with school activities. She plans on trying out for the basketball team when able. She sometimes struggles with her feelings. She benefits from supportive services which help her manage these feelings. She can be a spirited teen when she thinks she is right. She is a very loving and caring teenager who would benefit from one on one time with adult caregivers to be able to express herself freely. She is determined and brave. She responds well to a structured environment where there is love and positive reinforcement.

Tamyah's forever family will provide a continued structured and supportive environment for her. She would best fit in with a family that has a mother and father role model that could provide adequate guidance and role modeling of how a teenager her age should act and be treated. She needs to continue in therapy to address her history of abuse and neglect. She has not had the opportunity to be involved in any sports or school activities, however is very active and would like to give some sports or clubs a try as she is a big fan of basketball and playing sports outdoors.

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