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Tamyah from Texas



from Texas

Tamyah is an independent youth who enjoys attention from adults and peers. She prefers calm and peaceful environments with limited interruptions, to those surroundings that are noisy and crowded. Tamyah is very artistic and enjoys drawing and other art-related activities. She also enjoys listening to music, and music is often the main topic of conversation she has with others. Others describe Tamyah as wonderful and a treasure, but it helps when she is reminded of this. Some of Tamyah's other hobbies and interests include, writing, reciting poetry, and watching movies. Tamyah is ready to meet a loving and committed family to call her own.

Tamyah will do best in a family who is calm and structured. She is comforted knowing what is planned and struggles with loud or harsh sounds. Tamyah needs a family who sees how amazing she is and reminds her of this daily, so she can begin to see it as well. Because of her aversion to loud sounds, she will do best in a family who does not have smaller children. Tamyah enjoys the company of others her age. Tamyah tends to be a follower, so older children in the home need to be able to lead her in a positive direction.