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Taneka from Texas



from Texas

Taneka is a charismatic youth. She is a very bright and enthusiastic person. Taneka is driven and determined. She has very clear and well defined goals for herself and her future, which include obtaining a college degree after graduating from high school. Taneka is passionate about music and singing. She enjoys all types of music including pop, country, and Christian. She currently participates in the church choir and youth groups. Christianity is important to Taneka and she hopes her forever family will continue to encourage her religion. Taneka enjoys sports and hopes to participate in volleyball and other extracurricular activities in school. She likes to stay busy and she enjoys spending time outdoors. Taneka is very kind and considerate, with a joyful personality. She makes friends easily and gets along well with her peers. Taneka is well-behaved and respectful to adults.

Taela and Taneka are charismatic, genuine, and humorous teens. Although they are not currently living in the same home together, they have regular contact with each other. They would love nothing more than to live together and be adopted together, because they miss being with each other. Taela and Taneka have similar personalities and interests. Taela has an animated personality and is a pleasure to be around. Taneka is very bright and enthusiastic. They both enjoy sports, going on outings, listening to music, and scrapbooking. Taela and Taneka hope to be the first people in their family to graduate from high school and college. They are both highly motivated to do so.

Taneka will do best with a family that is ready to bring a teenager into their home. She needs a family that will push her to achieve her hopes and dreams and encourage her to remain involved in sports and extracurricular activities. Taneka's forever family should be active and eager to cheer her on in the extracurricular activities she decides to participate in. She would like a family who enjoys going on outings in the community and who can also have fun staying at home scrapbooking or watching movies. Taneka has expressed a desire to be adopted by a Christian family that is very involved in church. She has no preference in regard to being adopted by a one- or two-parent family. Taneka would like to maintain some contact with her relatives and needs a family that understands how important that is to her.

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