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Trey from Texas



from Texas

Trey is an outgoing child who likes to laugh and play with other children his age. Trey is a boy that knows what he wants. He can articulate what works best for him in most situations. He likes to go fishing, swimming, hiking, play football, ride skateboards and generally loves to spend time doing outdoor activities. He likes having the freedom to move at his own pace. Trey can be shy at times, but once he is made to feel comfortable, he will open up. He thrives from positive affirmations from those he trusts. Trey can be very helpful and well mannered. He likes being rewarded and appreciated for the positive things he does. Trey's favorite place to eat is Whataburger but he also loves sushi and Oreo cookies. Trey likes to watch movies and his favorite show is Pokemon. Trey loves the idea of family and being around those who love him and openly express it. Trey is kind and affectionate and an overall great kid. With his contagious smile and beautiful fierce eyes, Trey would be a great addition to a loving family.

Trey's forever family will be one that is patient and establish boundaries. Trey's family will also provide him with the stability he needs and not give up on him. He will thrive with a family that is able to provide him with a lot of personal attention. Trey wants to be heard and understood and his family will need to have time to nurture a good relationship with him.

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