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William from Texas



from Texas

William is a caring boy that greets everyone with a hug. He has a bubbly personality and gets excited to learn interesting facts about others. He enjoys playing with others around his age, educating others on ghost busters, talking about antique cars, and going places especially Walmart. His favorite area of Walmart is the toy sections. William likes to play video games and board games; he is interested in building with Legos. His favorite color is blue. William likes dogs and hopes to have his own when he grows up. He enjoys being outdoors at the park, fishing, or riding bikes. Math is his favorite subject in school. William's favorite place to eat is Chick Fil A, he enjoys having ice cream as dessert each time he eats there.

William's forever family will provide a nurturing environment that he can grow and learn in. His family will encourage him and provide activities to do as a family. William would like to be part of a family that shows love and affection. William would like a family that is also patient to ensure that all of his needs can be met.

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