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Wyatt from Texas



from Texas

Wyatt is a bright and friendly child who enjoys interacting with others. He can be spontaneous at times. He takes pride in his independence and appreciates his alone play time. Wyatt is fond of playing outdoors and participating in physical activities such as bike riding and playing with toy cars. He takes pleasure in taking toys apart and trying to assemble them back together. His favorite toys are electronic operated cars. He loves pretending to be a mechanic when he plays with his cars. Wyatt enjoys attending school and has a vast interest in art and physical education. He is full of energy when it comes to participating in physical activities that require frequent movement. Wyatt is non-verbal and utilizes pointing and various symbols to communicate. Wyatt looks forward to attending church and partaking in all recreational activities with his peers.

Wyatt will benefit from an energetic and close-knit family who will offer him unconditional love, nurturance, and affection. Wyatt's new family will be mindful of his development needs and will be partners in his education to assure he receives the assistance required for his success. Wyatt desires an extremely committed family who will be able to provide him with the appropriate developmental stimulation to help him achieve his fullest potential. Wyatt will do well in a home with structure, activities, and resourcefulness and will thrive in a home with other children.

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