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Zayden from Texas



from Texas

Zayden is an intelligent child. He likes to write stories and tell stories. He has a lot of interest in weather to geography. He loves animals and has an imagination. Zayden pays attention to people. He also communicates well and understands what is being told to him. Zayden is a friendly child. He speaks well and loves learning new things. He also enjoys going to the museum and learning about the artifacts. Zayden loves to be outside, riding his bike or playing with the neighbor. Zayden enjoys reading chapter books. He likes to play outside with other children. He enjoys swimming, playing computer games and creating stories about a character named Dog Man. Zayden is interested in how the weather develops, enjoys exploring science types of subjects, and enjoys acting.

Zayden's forever family will give one to one attention to him. He loves being the center of attention. Zayden has a creative mind that loves to learn new things. He loves to talk, so his family will have someone who talks and ask questions.

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