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Zaylen from Texas



from Texas

Zaylen is a young male who has a big smile and a big heart to match! He is mostly a loving, caring child with a helpful spirit. He is a child that enjoys outdoor activities that incorporates family engagement. He also enjoys listening to music and writing poems. He has a special heart for police officers because of their engagement in the community and he wants to become a police officer when he grows up. He has a sweet heart, but sometimes get in his own way when he exhibits unfriendly and testy behaviors. Like many children in his age group, there are times when he has peer disagreements and quarrels that requires him to be verbally redirected.

Zaylen will flourish in a nurturing forever home that provides a loving, supportive, and inviting family atmosphere. Zaylen craves one-on-one time and responds best in smaller social group environment. His forever family will be encouraging, structured, and provide consistency, which are essential in helping him achieve his goals.

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