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Asher from Vermont



from Vermont

Here's what he wants you to know about him. My favorite things: Sports, dribbling, basketball. I love the Golden State Warriors. Favorite Foods: Pizza and Crab Rangoon Activities I enjoy: Playing baseball, basketball, dribbling, Soccer, Swimming, Lacrosse. What we want families to know about Asher: Asher is quite bright and does well in school. He is a talented athlete and shines when participating in sports. He has siblings and a former respite family he would like to stay in touch with. He needs to continue going to therapy, which is helping him learn how to control his emotions and not get frustrated so easily. Asher is developing his sense of identity and is wanting to find a family of color to form a connection with to help with his identity development.

What we are looking for in a family: • An active family that is willing to support his athletic pursuits (i.e., be in the stands cheering him on); • Is willing to work with his current team while he transitions to their home; • Will support his ongoing therapy; and • Will patiently stand by him as he learns to trust that they will stick with him and keep him safe. This may take some time and will require lots of patience.

To learn more: If you would like to learn more about Asher, please contact Kirk at