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Laura from Vermont



from Vermont

My Favorite Things: I like to draw and play field hockey. I also like braiding my dog’s hair and sleeping. I really enjoy many genres of music. I especially like soothing music, which helps me relax, but I also like Ozzy Osbourne. Things I do not like: I hate rice because of a bad experience when I was younger involving bad rice. Favorite Foods: I love the soda Moxie. I also really like ranch dressing. I loved Venison when I was younger, but haven’t had any recently. What I want in a family: I want a family who will give me more opportunities than I had living with my birth family. I want a family who will take me shopping. I would like a mom, two moms or a mom and a dad. I would consider two dad’s, but I need to think more about that. I would be ok with other children in the home, but probably only if they are older than me. What I want families to know about me: When I was younger I didn’t care about hygiene, or how I looked, but I’m the opposite now. I spend a lot of time making sure I look good. I like joking around. I’m also brutally honest. I am outgoing around my friends, but a little more reserved around people I don’t know so well. I enjoy going to the Humane Society to spend time with the animals there. I would like to volunteer there sometime. That we want families to know about the youth: Laura would like a family where she will have the opportunity to be a child and have fun and develop her talents. A family able to spend time with her and also allow her to have some alone time. A family willing to work as part of a team to help her grow and develop. Laura has developed some relationships over her lifetime that she would like to continue to have. For more information please contact Graham Kidder at or (802) 324-0940

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