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Angel from Virginia



from Virginia

This is a wonderfully sweet pair you are going to love! Angel is an energetic, friendly, and compassionate young man. He likes to play with Legos, play video games, watch You Tube videos, and read. He is also very artistic and loves to draw. Angel enjoys school, performs well, has positive relationships with his peers, and is respectful to teachers and adults. He is honest and open about his feelings and expresses them openly. Angel would like his adoptive family to know that he appreciates structure and routine, but is able to adjust to changes when he has support. Angel is very social and loves to talk to his peers. He has also been identified at school as the first child to approach someone if they are upset and try to make them feel better. Angel is diligent in completing his chores in the home and likes to be helpful. He loves to learn new things and has a great sense of humor. Nevaeh is a funny, helpful, and friendly little girl. She likes to play video games, draw, watch television, and read. She is very extroverted and has a silly sense of humor. Nevaeh loves to laugh and you will often find her smiling. Nevaeh does well in school and is proud of her good behavior. In the home, Nevaeh is well-behaved and responsive to directions from her foster parents. Nevaeh has a positive relationship with her peers as well as her teachers and foster parents. Nevaeh completes her household chores with little prompting, and enjoys helping cook breakfast on the weekends. Nevaeh is kind and generous, and loves to give her artwork as gifts to her teachers, family, and friends.
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