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Christian from Virginia



from Virginia

Meet Trayvonius and Christian! Christian enjoys playing video games. You can often catch Christian randomly dancing, trying to perfect the newest dance moves. Christian likes playing basketball and has dreams of playing in the National Basketball Association. Christian is very family oriented and enjoys spending time with others. He reads to his foster family each night for fifteen minutes, which started off as a school assignment but has turned into a family tradition. At times Christian struggles with communicating and expressing himself appropriately. During these times of difficulty, Christian benefits from taking a moment to himself to gather his thoughts then revisiting the topic at hand. Christian is a very bubbly child with a smile and personality that could light up a room. Treyvonious is very family oriented and enjoys spending time with others. Treyvonious likes to ride his bike through the neighborhood and play video games with his sibling. Treyvonious looks forwards to spending time with his sibling. Treyvonious likes going to amusement parks and the beach. Treyvonious is very sociable and likes to make friends. Treyvonious has a great sense of humor and likes to laugh showing off his bright smile. Treyvonious is a self-starter and has appropriate problem solving skills. Treyvonious is very helpful around the home and likes to complete his chores to earn an allowance. When around the other children in the home, Treyvonious displays his big brother skills by helping the other children in the home with their chores and playing games with them. Treyvonious has dreams of playing in the National Football League and making lots of money.
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