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Dru from Virginia



from Virginia

Jordan is a boy who is talkative, fun, and full of energy. He loves to play with LEGO¿s and video games and enjoys dancing, specifically hip hop at the moment. Jordan is also interested in a variety of sports though he is not on any sport team at the moment. Jordan loves chocolate milk and popcorn and likes to play outside. He loves undivided attention and one on one time with adults where he can safely share his thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Jordan also enjoys pets and has spent a lot of time around dogs. Dru is a boy who is sweet, affectionate, and has a sensitive soul. He is artistic and loves drawing. He also loves one on one time with caregivers and enjoys spending time with family. Dru loves the color blue, cooking and baking, and prefers boxed mac and cheese to homemade. He has a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to cookies and ice-cream. Dru loves to play with LEGOs and Roblox. Dru also enjoys pets and his spent a lot of time around dogs. Jordan is in need of a warm, nurturing, and strong family who can provide a loving and safe home for him and his younger brother, Dru. An experienced family who are open to maintaining contact between Jordan and his other siblings is preferred. Jordan and Dru have three other siblings who are younger than him that includes two sisters ages 7 and 6 and one brother age 4.
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